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Upcoming & Current Activities

We will be presenting our work and launching our Volunteers and the Voluntary Sector Special Interest Group at the International Conference for Integrated care in San Sebastian Spain from April 1 - 3, 2019. We are looking forward to meeting researchers from around the globe to discuss how we can work towards integrating volunteers into the care team and building stronger connections between the third sector and health care. If you are interested in joining our Special Interest Group become                     of the International Foundation for Integrated Care.

Dr. Nelson visited Trondheim, Norway in November 2018 to meet with the International Reablement Research Network to share their work and discuss the goals of the network moving forward. She is looking forward to continuing her work with this group and growing the research network to include more international scholars. 

Past Activities

Dr. Nelson has presented, nationally and internationally, on volunteers, the third sector and health care several times in the past. She has been invited by multiple organizations to share her work, and she looks forward to continuing make connections and learn what other scholars are working on both in Canada and globally. 


Past presentations include:

1) Volunteers Engaged to Enhance Reintegration: Supporting independence and well being post hospital discharge: partnering with volunteers and the third sector (webinar) for the International Foundation for Integrated Care - Online (2019)

2) Collaboration as a strategy to manage patient complexity in rehabilitation at the World Stroke Congress - Montreal, Canada (2018) 

3) DASH – Discharge Advocacy and Support at Home at the World Health Organization Global Consultation on Integrated Care for Older Adults - Berlin, Germany (2017) 

4) Social Currency of Hospital Volunteerism at the Bridgepoint Innovation Forum - Toronto, Canada (2014)

5) Volunteers as a (Hidden) Health Human Resource at Northumberland Hills Hospital - Cobourg, Canada (2014)

In addition to these presentations Dr. Nelson has been featured in the media discussing her work and sharing her thoughts on the voluntary sector collaborating with the health care sector. Her interview with Dr. Ross Upshur on the podcast Conversations in Complexity was released in September 2018 where she discusses intra- and inter-sectoral collaboration in health care.  ​

Additionally several manuscripts are currently under review for publication that present Dr. Nelson and her team's work in this field. 

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