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The Voluncaring Research Group studies the design and implementation of intersectoral partnerships and integrated care systems that include the Third Sector.

We put people and their communities at the centre of all we do. 

Volunteers and Third Sector Organizations are a critical partner in supporting citizens achieve health and wellbeing. We believe this is even more important when addressing issues in transitions of care.

We are dedicated to exploring, and scaling innovative and sustainable ways to strengthen the connection between health systems, social care and the third sector to provide much needed support to people with complex care needs, their families and the broader community.

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Are you are interested in volunteerism and health care?


Join the International Foundation for Integrated (IFIC) Special Interest Group! Our group aims to engage a diverse community of individuals interested in understanding and enhancing the role and contributions of the 'THIRD SECTOR' - those non-state, not for profit providers as partners in integrated care.


Become a member of IFIC for free and join us as we start to build an international collaboration on volunteers and the voluntary sector. 


The Voluncaring Lab, within the Science of Care Institute at Sinai Health, has purposefully convened a multidisciplinary team - composed of motivated academics, practitioners and people with lived experience driven to understand and solve real world challenges with evidence and innovation. Guided by the core values that the system is built on - such as integrity, collaboration and excellence - the team is committed to doing work that matters to people.

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Volunteerism and Voluntary Sector

What is the hidden value of hospital volunteers? This project aims to understand volunteers place in the health care system. 

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Transitions&Community Reintegration

How can health services and the third sector work together to help people transition from hospital to home? Our research looks at developing a program that supports inter-sectoral collaboration. 

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Partnership Projects

Can we integrate meditation into care to help people living with chronic pain and depression? How can the third sector help us achieve this goal? More on this project coming soon!



ICIC '23 Conference

The International Conference on Integrated Care is coming up on May 22-24 in Antwerp, Belgium! This international conference is focused on presenting research and exploring the latest developments in the field of integrated care. In addition to the main conference, We will host a workshop and Special Interest Group meeting, "The Third Sector in Integrated Care: Partner, Provider or Both?" This debate session will provide an opportunity to discuss the role of third-sector organisations in the provision of integrated care. Don’t miss out – join us in Antwerp and be part of the conversation!

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IFIC Webinar on Community Reintegration

Dr. Nelson was featured in an IFIC webinar where she discussed how volunteers can support independence post hospital discharge.


Of Interest:

Conversations in Complexity

Check out Dr. Nelson's appearance on the podcast Conversations in Complexity, where she discussed the need for intra- and inter-sectoral collaboration in health care. 

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