We are interested in understanding and connecting health systems and third sector organizations to support patient well-being. We believe volunteers are essential partners in the care team that support improved patient and family experiences and outcomes. Our aim is to create a system where the public, private and third sectors work together to support and enhance patient engagement, care transitions and helping people to live independently and successfully in their communities.

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Are you are interested in volunteerism and health care? Join our new International Foundation for Integrated (IFIC) Special Interest Group! Our group aims to engage a diverse community of individuals interested in understanding and enhancing the role and contributions of non-state actors/non-state providers as partners in integrated care.


Become a member of IFIC for free and join us as we start to build an international collaboration on volunteers and the voluntary sector. 


Our team comes from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds, making a small but dynamic group of people who are motivated to keep refining and improving volunteerism in health care. 

What is the hidden value of hospital volunteers? This project aims to understand volunteers place in the health care system. 

Hospital Volunteers

How can health services and the third sector work together to help people transition from hospital to home? Our research looks at developing a program that supports inter-sectoral collaboration. 

Community Reintegration Support

Can we integrate meditation into care to help people living with chronic pain and depression? How can the third sector help us achieve this goal? More on this project coming soon!

Partnership Projects




ICIC '19 Conference

From April 1 - 3, 2019 the team will be in San Sebastian, Spain for the 19th International Conference on Integrated Care (ICIC). There, we will be launching our Volunteers and Voluntary Sector Special Interest Group. 


IFIC Webinar on Community Reintegration

Dr. Nelson was recently featured in an IFIC webinar where she discussed how volunteers can support independence post hospital discharge. 


International Reablement Research Network Meeting

In late 2018 Dr. Nelson attended the International Reablement Research Network Meeting in Trondheim, Norway to present current work on reablement and to plan future goals of the network.  

Of Interest:

Conversations in Complexity

Check out Dr. Nelson's appearance on the podcast Conversations in Complexity, where she discussed the need for intra- and inter-sectoral collaboration in health care.  

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